Digital cameras are becoming less expensive and easier to use. They are making hands-on mathematical adventures possible for every student!

Using Digital Photography in the Classroom

Welcome to a collection of ideas on how to use digital photography in the classroom.

NECC 2009 Posters and books.

You can view the short demonstration created using Google SketchUp and recorded using Jing.

Construction of a Golden Rectangle.

To download the software used in the demonstration go to:

Jing Project

Google SketchUp
SketchUp users in K12 Education can choose between Google SketchUp (the free version) or SketchUp Pro (which is free for educators and extremely affordable for students and schools). Google recommends that most folks in K-12 education try out Google SketchUp (free); there's no licensing to worry about, and students can download and install it on their computers at home.

Sketchup Training Videos

Teachers' Guide with Sketchup Projects

Sketchup Resources and books for educators

Symmetry and Translation examples used GeoGebra

Some resources for GeoGebra

Word Problem examples used in the session:
Pattern Problem 1 (Used GarageBand to create, converted to m4a - iTunes)
Pattern Problem 2 (Used PhotoStory to create, converted to wmv - Windows Media Player)
Concrete Estimate Problem (Used PowerPoint and Jing to create, converted to swf (Flash format))

Here are some reviews of the digital cameras designed especially for children.

Here is a great little video that offers a good explanation on how to hold the camera very steady and avoid blurry photos

Click here for some sites that offer some math Classroom Uses for digital photography.


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