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Welcome to the ED591 Site  


Welcome to ED 591

Welcome to the ED 591 website for Spring, 2004.

We WILL meet on April 13.

If you haven't yet presented your research please be prepared to do so tonight.
The meeting place will be the Media Room of the Farley Library.

Thank you  to everyone who did their presentations to date. 

If your logs are completed and signed I can take them tonight along with the analytical paper, or, you can get them to me before the end of the semester.

If you go to this site http://www.wilkes.edu/about/campus/map_campus.asp the library is #34.

If you are presenting that evening please let me know if you need anything special. There will be a computer and projector available.


Please check your schedules and the schedule of your mentor so that we can set up a time for a visit and work on setting the rest of the class meeting schedule.


If you have made changes to your resume please bring the revised copy with you. This site: http://www.rockportinstitute.com/resumes.html  has some good ideas about building a resume.


Some research topics are posted at the link below. Check it out and send your topic to me so I can post it.


There have been a few recurring questions concerning the Internship that could be addressed here.


FYI - The assignments and projects that you submit will be included in your folder here at Wilkes. When PDE comes to evaluate this program they have the option of looking at these folders.



FAQs Am I correct in thinking that on March 2nd the only assignments due are the resume and job description? Yes, you will be expected to hand in only those two documents, BUT, you should also be prepared to discuss the progress you are making in logging your hours.


With the job description, am I supposed to write a job description based on my duties with the internship? do I include my normal teaching duties also? Include in your job description all of your professional responsibilities that are connected with your employment. You should, of course, pay some special attention to those duties that are connected to technology.


I am planning on doing a PowerPoint demonstration for my presentation of research. Do I need to also turn in a formal paper or can I turn in a printout of my presentation with sources cited on the last slide? You can submit a hard copy of the PowerPoint presentation as long as it includes the citations of sources. If you use any notes with the PowerPoint, please print the notes too.

Sample Tasks to Fulfill Objectives

Graphic Organizer Sites

Helpful Sites

Recycling Sites

Topics for Research Presentations Spring 04




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