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ENG101L: Compostion

ENG 101 L: Composition Fall 2002 TR 1:00-2:45 PM Breiseth Hall 014

Instructor: Thomas A. Hamill
Office: Kirby Hall 209
Office Hours: TR 11-11:50 AM
W 1-3 PM
And by appointment
Office Phone: 408-4539 (on-campus extension: 4539)
Email: hamill@wilkes.edu


This course aims to get you to write effectively and persuasively while developing the critical reading, thinking, and analytic skills essential to your success as an undergraduate and beyond. You will engage a broad range of models (such as argumentative essays, personal narratives, editorials, short fiction) in order to contextualize and shape your own approaches to writing, argument, and exposition. Since the course will focus heavily on the processes of composition from establishing subjects of inquiry, to developing and supporting claims, to critiquing and revising thesis-driven persuasive essays - you will learn to compose, critique, and rework your own writing throughout the term. In addition to your intense writing schedule, we will focus as a class on the elements of argument and debate, as we engage with and examine the social, political, and cultural issues that constantly surround us. During the course of the semester you will also become quite familiar with the resources at the Farley Library and the World Wide Web, as you learn and practice the fundamental methods of effective and responsible research.

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