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English 202: Technical and Professional Writing

Course Description: A writing-based, technology-integrated exploration of the forms, methods, assumptions, and practices of professional and technical writing situations. As much as possible the course will simulate professional writing situations. This course will familiarize students with writing in a computer environment, preparing reports and other documents with word-processing or desktop publishing software, working collaboratively in technological environments, and utilizing presentation software for formal presentations. Computer proficiency is not required.

Course Objectives:

1. Write in a variety of modes and types, including descriptive and informational pieces, analysis and persuasion, technical writing, resumes.
2. Contribute to and participate in small and large group discussions and individual and group presentations.
3. Apply the writing process of prewriting, determining purpose/ audience, drafting, revising, and editing.
4. Evaluate the quality of one's own and one's peer's writing in terms of focus, content, organization, style, and mechanics/conventions.
5. Use standard documentation conventions in the preparation of writing projects.
6. Apply technology to the writing process.
7. Write competently according to the following criteria: content (originality, careful thought, clearly defined central idea or thesis, substantial and concrete support of the central idea), organization (clearly ordered plan of development, consistent development of central idea, unified and coherent paragraphs, effective transitions between ideas), expression (appropriate, clear, and accurate choice of language, complete, clear, and varied sentence structure), mechanics (consistent and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage, correct citation and documentation form)

To achieve these objectives you should expect to:

  • Write and revise your work on a regular basis
  • Work collaboratively on documents and projects
  • Give formal and informal presentations on your projects
  • Complete work promptly and according to professional standards

Course Requirements: You will work on several projects that will lead you through the technical/professional writing process. Among the specific tasks you will complete are various assignments in Reporting Technical Information and a variety of technical and professional reports, some of which will be completed in electronic formats (email, web), some as part of designated exercises from the text. Students will give informal presentations and one formal presentation. Some assignments will be completed collaboratively.


Assignments from Reporting Technical Information: 15%
Process and Procedural Reports:15%
Information reports:25%
Proposal: 25%
Informal presentations: 10%
Formal presentation: 10%

Course Policies:This course is designated as writing intensive and is extremely class-dependent--meaning that most or all of the information needed to complete assignments successfully will be conveyed in class. Also, it is a night class that meets only once a week. In that three-hour period we cover the equivalent of a MWF class week. As a result, regular attendance is absolutely necessary to stay current on assignments and to be a successful and active participant in collaborative work.


  • More than two unexcused absences will lower your course grade.
  • More than three consecutive absences will require permission for re-admittance.
  • In business and industry, late work can cost money and even your job. In this class, late assignments cost your grade. Late assignments will not be accepted unless an extension has been approved by me prior to the scheduled due date. Assignments submitted on the agreed upon extension date will not be penalized. Assignments that do not meet the extension due date will not be accepted.


Houp and Pearsall, Reporting Technical Information. 9th Edition. New York: Allyn & Bacon

Additional Materials:

We will meet and work each week in the English Technology Classroom (COB 014), so having one or two 3.5-inch computer disks is required.



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