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Changing your mathcs password

To change your password on mathcs.wilkes.edu, you must use ssh to log into the computer on which you want your password changed. On the Mac, use Terminal, which is included in Mac OS X. On Windows machines, go to Start > Run and type telnet mathcs.wilkes.edu or download and use the program called Putty or CRT. Once you have logged in,

Enter passwd

Enter your original password followed by the new password twice. (Note that you will not see anything on the screen as you type any of the passwords - this is on purpose so someone cannot read your password by watching over your shoulder).

A good choice for a password is two short, unrelated words with a character in between (such a "demo{blank"). You may see error messages such as the ones below if you have chosen a password that is too easy to guess:

dilbert > passwd
passwd:  Changing password for koch
Enter login(NIS) password: 
New password: 
passwd(SYSTEM): Password too short - must be at least 6 characters.
New password: 
passwd(SYSTEM): The first 6 characters of the password
must contain at least two alphabetic characters and at least
one numeric or special character.
New password: 

Here is what you session should look like. You type what is in bold below.

> passwd Changing NIS password for koch Old NIS password: koch's New password: Enter the new password again: NIS passwd changed on dilbert > logout





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