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Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee is an internal grants committee comprised of full-time faculty members. The members serve from September to May and meet monthly. During this service faculty review, approve and disperse funding for disciplinary research (Type I) and travel (Type II and III).

The committee is also charged with assessing and ranking sabbatical requests and providing the Provost with the results. The Provost makes a final determination on the outcome of each request.

Each type of request is listed below. More information regarding application procedures and awards related to each one are linked to a separate page with more information. Type II and Type III proposals can be submitted each month. Reviews will be conducted on all those proposals received one week before the scheduled meeting. Those that are submitted after that timeframe will be reviewed in the next meeting.


All proposals must be submitted directly to the Google Drive folder called "Proposal Drop Box".

  • You will need to log in with your Wilkes credentials.
  • Select "Proposal Drop Box" to access the folder.
  • Open the appropriate subfolder.
  • Select "NEW," then "File Upload" to provide access to your folders to select your proposal.
  • Your proposal must be one single file in PDF format.
  • No one can delete your file other than you and the owner of the drive (FDC chairperson)

  • Electronic versions of the receipts and reimbursement requests should be included with the grant proposal to verify the costs that are included.
  • Once the applicant is notified that the grant has been awarded, the awardee must then deliver original receipts and a completed and signed travel reimbursement form to Ms. Ann Marie Kline (x3349), Compliance Coordinator, Office of Sponsored Programs, 305 Bedford Hall (swipe access only).
  • All receipts for food and beverages must be itemized, or no reimbursement will be given.
  • Alcoholic beverages do not qualify for reimbursement.
  • Any reimbursement to the department must be noted on the same travel reimbursement form.
  • Clearly indicate which expenses were departmental, and which were paid by the faculty member.

    Details on the specific information required for each proposal type is found in the link you will be directed to by selecting the type.


    Proposal Type


    Maximum Award


    Type I



    February 2

    Type II

    Travel - primary role in presentation, leadership or training at a workshop or conference


    1 week prior to monthly meeting

    Type III

    Travel: attending a conference or workshop for training


    1 week prior to monthly meeting


    Leave for scholarship

    per request

    September 1

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