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Cape Cod Canal 2014

Renal Run 2

1/2 marathon 2012

Seal Cruise 2012

Forty Fort 5 Miler

Marine Cruise

Matt's tree and quilt 5/9/2009

Math-CS Bowling 2009

Whale Watching 2008

Foxes 2008

Kayak 2007

Rain 2006

Bike Ride 2006

Trail Cleanup 2005

Trail Cleanup 2004

Jail Time 2003

Fall Cleanup 2003

Gardens 2003

Trails Day 2003

Cleanup 2003

Trails Day 2002

Signup 2002

Cleanup 2002

Harris Hill Construction 2002

Back Mtn Trail Cleanup 2002

Back Mtn Trail Presign

Back Mtn Trail Signing

Back Mtn Trail 2001 Ties

Back Mtn Trail 2001 Leaves

Mike's Graduation 2001

Trails Day Bike Ride 2001

Back Mtn Trail 2001

Back Mtn Trail 2000

Montrose Run 2000

Harvey's Lake Run 2000

River's Festival 2000

Graduation 2000


Trees Fall 1999

Best Birthday Ever 1996

O'Reilly Career Day 1996

Mystery Boy




Matt on TV! - October 31, 1996

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To hear and view the movies, you must have the QuickTime plugin drivers by Apple. The drivers are made for Macintosh, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/NT.

When you click on an item below, you will be taken to a page where the downloading of the video and audio will begin (note the sizes to download!).


Matt's audio only description of his goal. 243K

Matt's audio only description of the game. 149K

Matt describing his goal. 5.0 Mb!

Matt describing the game. 3.3 Mb!


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