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To retrieve your registrations...
  1. Log in.

  2. Go to the DATA area. If you get lost, look to the top of any page for a DATA link.

  3. Within the DATA area, click ONLY the Download link for the registration you want to retrieve.

  4. Choose ONLY the answers and grades file option, then click the Download File button.

  5. Within the File Download box, click the Save button.

  6. Within the Save as box...
    • navigate to your preferred storage location by using the Save in pulldown at the top of the window and/or the icons within the window below it.
      Suggestion: Create a folder on your desktop.
    • create a file name, with a .xls (Excel format) suffix.
      Suggestion: Use a date, i.e., 070504.xls.
    • click the Save button.

  7. To be safe, create a new file every time you download, then copy-and-paste the new information to the end of your main file. The entries are dated and timed to make this easy to track.

If you have any questions, call Pam at x4776.

Posted by Pam Fendrock on 10/21/04; 3:16:49 PM
from the dept.



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