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Welcome to the Harvey/Greene/Greenley Family Homepage!

New Updates:

  • 11/17/09: When will everyone be home? Check here! Christmas dates '09

    • 10/28/08: Rob's list and dates he'll be home are up!
    • 11/15/08: Brian and Sarah's wish lists have been updated
      Pictures from last Christmas posted in the Pictures section

    I switched some things around - changed the colors and whatnot. Can everyone see anything? Did everyone get an email saying the page was changed?

  • Does anyone have a good picture of us from last Christmas? Send them to me (Robbie) so I can put it on the site!

  • Start getting those Christmas lists updated!!!

    Take a walk through memory lane . . . check out our Christmas Throughout the Years

    * Everyone needs to let me know when you'll be home for Christmas so that we can make a schedule, and also if there's anything specific you want or need to do, post it on here, under Important Dates, or email me!

    I know it's early, but it's time for us all to start updating our wish lists for the year. Let me know if you need help.

    * If you're having trouble logging in so you can make changes, you might have to re-register. Just sign up under the same name and password that you had before, and you'll be all set.

    In order to post new pictures, follow these directions:

  • Go to "www.photobucket.com"
  • Log in as "harveyfamily", the password is the name of our favorite kitty of all time (ends in a "y", not an "ie")
  • Post your pictures on photobucket, and copy the url tag
  • To add them to the family site, Click the edit this page button, and type a less than sign, then img src="paste image url here between quotes" and then a greater than sign, and your image should appear on that page

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