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102 Village Drive
Shavertown, Pennsylvania 18708
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Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Illinois, May 1976.
M.S. Computer Science, University of Illinois, May 1972.
B.S. Mathematics, Bucknell University, May 1970.


Born October 31, 1948 in Urbana, Illinois.
Married with two sons.


Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
September 1976 to present.

Assistant Professor, September 1976 to May 1982.
Director of Academic Computing, September 1983 to July 1988.
Associate Professor, tenured, May 1982 to May 1990.
Full Professor, tenured, May 1990 to present.

I had a major part in developing the Computer Science curriculum. The Computer Science major was adopted in March 1977. Courses taught include: Programming languages (FORTRAN, PASCAL, COBOL, C, C++, Python); Computer Approaches to Mathematical Problems; Data Structures; Advanced (Structured) Programming; Assembly Language (IBM, HP, Apple II and Macintosh); Logic and Switching Circuits; Formal Languages; Analysis of Algorithms; Computer Graphics; Computer Architecture.

I was responsible for a five year Federal Title III Grant to expand the use of computers throughout the college. This involved the analysis, purchase and development of hardware (microcomputers, graphics terminals, printers) and software necessary to increase the use of computers throughout the college.

I have taught in the Information Technology for the Commonwealth (ITEC) program since 1984. This program teaches technology to current secondary teachers.

I am currently involved in increasing the use of the Internet at Wilkes. By teaching courses and developing the Wilkes World Wide Web site, I have increased the visability of the Internet both at Wilkes and of Wilkes on the net.

Was the webmaster of the first Wilkes University website.

Institute for Defense Analyses, Communications Research Division
Princeton, New Jersey, Summers of 1978, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1988, 1989.

The Institute requires a Top Secret security clearance. As a Research Staff Member, I developed and implemented many programs. One of the routines I wrote was a sorting program that was adopted for use by the Cray Corporation. The program uses a radix sort written in Cray Assembly Language to make efficient use of the vector registers and functional units. I have done work on both the Cray 1 and Cray 2 supercomputers.

Pennsylvania Army National Guard
Retired May 1998 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Executive Officer, September 1976 to February 1978.
Company Commander, February 1978 to March 1982.
Combat Support Company, Plymouth, Pennsylvania.

I was responsible for the training, administration, supply, maintenance, transportation and security of a Company consisting of 150 men and 46 vehicles. Awarded the "Best Training Unit in the Division" for Annual Training 1980.

Personnel and Administrative Officer (S1), March 1982 to March 1983.
2nd Battalion, 109th Infantry, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

My responsibilities included personnel management, health services for the command, matters pertaining to discipline, law and order and supervising administrative activities.

Automation Management Officer (AMO), March 1983 to June 1991.
28th Infantry Division Support Command (DISCOM), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I was in command of the Division Data Center (DDC). The DDC personnel operate and program a tactical computer that is taken to the field to do the Data Processing of the Division. I also advised the DISCOM Commander and the Division Commander on the use and possibilities of computers in the National Guard. I was a member of the statewide Information Management Committee that is responsible for allocation and use of computing assets (from microcomputers to mainframes) in the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Inspector General, June 1991 to may 1998.
28th Infantry Division Headquarters, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The Inspector General of the Division is an ombudsman for the troops. I provided an independent assessment of the division and cleared up problems.

Major Publication

Every Planar Map is Four Colorable, Part II: Reducibility by K. Appel, W. Haken, and J. Koch, Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 98, American Mathematical Society, Providence, Rhode Island, 1989. Emended version of the 1976 paper.

I wrote the programs that were used to prove the century-old Four Color Problem true.

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