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Christmas cards

Colorado 1999

Europe/Jersey 1999

Grace's Funeral 2000

Kathy's 50th 2000

Mike and Matt yearly

Mike and Dianne

Pooper 1999

Zoe 2000

Ponies 2000

New Home 2001

Easter 2001

Kelly's Wedding 2001

Thanksgiving 2001

Xmas Eve 2001

Colorado 2002

Travels of B&B

Kelly's Grad 2002

Matt's Grad 2002

Trip 2003

Trip 2004

Brian's Wedding




The Koch Family

I intend to put photos in this site from the families of John, Kathy, Don, Rob and Rus as well as our parents, Becky and Bill.

I'll chronicle our vacations, graduations, conversions, family reunions, new puppies, etc.

You can go to my main site by clicking at the bottom of any page.

Enjoy! sidesmiley:


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