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Power of Independent Thinking




  PHA 302 Pharmaceutical Care Lab I


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This Table is to be used during DI lab.

Check here for complete Tables from the DI lab.

Monday's Table  Wed's Table  Friday's Table

Notes from Care lab on PAR from PPCP tape

From Ms. Nanstiel on Search Strategies

Law Assigments

Law Monday A

Law Monday B

Law Monday C

Law Monday D

Law Weds A

Law Weds B 

Law Weds C

Law Weds D

Law Friday A

Law Friday B

Law Friday C 

Law Friday D



Note:  Unless otherwise specified, all homework is to be completed independently!

For Lab Week              Assignment

1/24/05                        Drug Information

2/14/05                        Information Databases

4/6/05                          Aseptic Technique I

4/20/05                        Drug Distribution

4/27/05                        Compliance

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