PHA 304 Foundations for Pharmacy Practice II

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Welcome to my Manila site!


Welcome to PHA 304 Foundations for Pharmacy Practice II!


Dr. Edward F. Foote, Chair & Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice (SLC 336, x 4293,

Dr. Bradford Kinney, Professor of Communications (Capin 201 x 4164,

Yo!  Click here for Class Norms

Yo!  Click here to find out when you present your Project Assigments

Great site for medical anthropology (lists diseases and illness from other cultures).

Check out empathy goals and objectives

Click here for Presentation Evaluation (I know it is upside down!)

For 4/25 class.  Click here to see the bios of the panelists.  Here is the panelist assigment which is due that day.


Due Dates...

  • Don't forget to follow up with an elder or other comaring your home remidies and health beliefs.
  • "Feeling Different" Paper is due the week of 1/31/05 (bring to class).
    Some ideas.
    Open AA meetings can be found at
    Mount Zion Baptist Church, 105 Hill Street, WB (Sunday 11 AM)
    The White House (AA bar) on Hazle Street
    Twist (gay and lesbian) club on Rt. 315 0.5 miles on left from Woodlands (Friday underage)
    New Covenant (AA Church) held in First Baptist Church
    Temple Isreal.  (Rabbi Kaplin)
    B'nai Brith 408 Wyoming Ave, Kingston (Saturday services)
  • Presentation Schedule - see link above.  Sorry about posting two different schedules.
  • By final exam read article on HIPAA and privacy.  Go to  (note, this link may not work off campus).  This was some of the information missed due to the snow cancellation.   You will be held accountable for the general principles of the document.
  • Note:  2 minute presentations on "Caring" paper will be done on 4/18.  Be prepared!   Don't just wing your presentation, you will be graded accordingly.

2005 Syllabus

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