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This site is served from Wilkes University, where I am an associate professor in the department of Biology, Chemistry and Health Sciences.

Fall 2000 Schedule

For right now, this will serve primarily as a repository for extra copies of handouts from my Fall 2000 course in Medical Microbiology.

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BIO327 syllabus, syllabus for Biology and Biochemistry majors

PHA327 syllabus, syllabus for Pharmacy majors

Lecture 1 outline, Introduction to Infectious Disease Biology

Chapter 2 review questions

Lecture 2 outline, Introduction to Virus Biology

Lecture 3 outline, Viral Multiplication Strategies

Lecture 4 outline, Bacterial Structure and Growth

Lecture 5 outline, Mutation and Gene Transfer in Bacteria

Lecture 6 outline, Eukaryotic Parasites, Normal Flora

Lecture 7 outline, Innate defense, phagocytosis

Lecture 8 outline, Complement and other proteins, cytotoxicity

Chapter 3 review questions

Notebook Directions laboratory handout

Oxygen Relations laboratory handout

Pure Culture Description laboratory handout

Structural Staining laboratory handout

Introduction to Unknown Identification laboratory handout

Respiratory Activities laboratory handout


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