Survey of Math/CS Graduates

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department has developed this survey to help us in long-range assessment of our programs. We welcome your input and appreciate your cooperation.

  1. Your name. Please include your name at the time of graduation.

  2. Year of graduation and major.

  3. Email address:

  4. Mailing address:

  5. List the courses that have helped you the most within your major

  6. List the courses that have helped you the most outside your major

  7. List any internship experiences you had as an undergraduate.

  8. Are you currently pursuing (or have pursued) graduate studies? If so, in what field?

  9. Have you completed any graduate degrees?

  10. Are you currently employed full time? If so, are you working in the same field as your undergraduate major?

  11. How many companies have you worked for since graduation? Please list all the companies and the length of time at each.

  12. By what percent has your salary increased since your first job after graduation?

  13. How many promotions have you received since graduation?

  14. Suggestions to enhance our undergraduate programs.