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DATA Files Created

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Files Created:

The picture indicates the 6 main and optional version files that are created to handle a web test.

  • Original Questions are entered by the user in a specified format. First line is the title of the test. Lines before the first question are directions. Questions begin with a number in the first position of a line followed by a delimiter (usually a period), a space and the question. Responses begin with a letter in position 1 followed by the delimiter, a space and the response.

  • Original Key is entered with a number, delimiter, space and response letter on each line.

  • All other files are created from these two, but are available for modification.

The numbers match the red numbers above:

  1. The Original Questions are converted into the Web HTML Test using form tags and specific field names.

  2. The Web HTML Test is converted into the Web Response. The Web Response contains field names between asterisks (i.e., *field001*) which are place holders that are replaced before the response is shown to the user.

  3. The Original Key is converted into the Formula File. The Formula File is a tab delimited file with 5 fields per line. The first field is the number of points for the question. The second field is the name of the response field that will be replaced. The third field is what will be put into the response if the formula is true (i.e., "correct"). The fourth field is what will be put into the response if the formula is false (i.e., "incorrect"). The fifth field is the actual formula that is evaluated (i.e., "field001 = = 'A'"). There are also formula lines to calculate the number of correct problems, incorrect problems, percent, total points, etc.

  4. After the test has been taken, an Answers and Grades file is created. This is a tab delimited file with one line for each submission of the test. The first line is column headers. There are several columns at the beginning that are standard for every type of test. Here is a list of the fields with some explanation:

    Date - date the answers were submitted
    Time - time the answers were submitted
    IP Number - number of the computer used to take the test
    Browser - type and version of browser used
    Username - email address of the person taking the test (if they were required to log in)
    Test Version - 1 (if no versions were created) or 'v01' or 'v02', etc.
    Submission - number of times this user has submitted this test
    First Name - first name field from test
    Last Name - last name field from test
    Social Security Number - SSN field from test
    1 - question 1 choice (i.e., 'A')
    10 - question 10 choice
    test001 - response given for question 1 (i.e., 'correct' or 'incorrect')
    test010 - response given for question 10
    CORRECTNUM - number of questions correct
    INCORRECTNUM - number of questions incorrect
    CORRECTPOINTS - number of questions correct times their point value
    TOTAL - total number of possible points

  5. If different versions of the test are desired, they are made from the Web HTML Test file and reside in a folder named after the test (i.e., 'quiz1'). The different versions are rearrangements of the question order. Responses still appear in the same order within a question. There are two files for each version. "v01.htm" is the version 1 test file and "v01_rsp.txt" is the version 1 response file. This is necessary since each version has its own ordering of questions and the responses must match that ordering. The same formula file is used, since the HTML form field names remain the same. Once each version is submitted, it is as if each student took the exactly the same test, with questions in the same order. Thus, each score is still placed in the same Answers and Grades file no matter what version was taken.

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