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DATA Helpful Hints

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  1. Always have a backup plan. You could print out the test and take it with you, but I'd just plan to reschedule the test or quiz.
  2. I always start the instructor's console and go to the Set Parameters page for that test. That way, if I have to add students, change their usernames, change the time the test is available or turn off logging in, I am ready to do so.
  3. Your test does not show up on the page containing this macro:
  4. {DATAMacros.currentTests()}
    1. You set the wrong time. Try resetting the parameters.
    2. Do a "reload" or "refresh". The old page remains in the cache of the browser and you could be looking at the old page.
    3. The clock on the server is about 5 minutes faster than the clocks in some classrooms. Thus, if I set a test to show up at 10:00 am, it may show up on the page about 9:55 am.
    4. You reset the time, but it still does not show up: Do a reload, then wait.
    5. If you login and click on the DATA menu, you can click on the test name. The message you receive will show you the current time at the server (Test is unavailable at the current time: 4/22/02; 2:14:13 PM)

  5. A student receives the message that "username xxxx is not on the list of valid users for course ccc and test ttt." The usual problem is they type their real name "Bruce Smith" instead of their email address ("") into the login box. Or they enter their America Online username; or they forget to put in "" after it; or ... They must quit from the browser and start the login process again.
  6. A student cannot login - keeps getting "Unauthorized access. Retry?" message.
    1. They have mistyped their username and/or password. Have them do it again slowly and carefully.
    2. They are trying their email address or password with the caps lock key down - will not work. Make sure it's up and enter again. Both are case sensitive.

  7. For password problems, I have turned off login if there are many who are having problems. They still must enter their first and last name on the test, so you can use that to identify them. But have them get the username/password straight before the next test.
  8. A student receives a message that they are not a member of the site. Either they have mistyped their email address or they have not joined yet. Have them join now.
  9. A student receives a "broken pipe" message while the test is loading. Have them do a reload until they don't get the message. I have also had to have them move to a different machine, since the one they were on kept getting the message.
  10. A student double clicks on the "Send" button at the bottom of the test. Two copies of the choices are sent to the server in rapid succession. If you have turned on "only one submission allowed per username", the student will not see their graded test, but will get a message about "you have already submitted once". There is no cure except to emphasize to the students ONLY CLICK ONCE ON THE SEND BUTTON! If they click on it and it looks like nothing is happening WAIT for a while before trying again. In the answers, you may see two lines for the student with the exact same responses.
  11. A student closes the browser window or quits before clicking the send button. They must open a new window and start the test again. They have already seen the test and answered some questions, so the second time should go faster. This is the worst thing that can happen! (but it's not that bad).
  12. For an essay test, you might want to have them type their responses into a word processor, then copy and paste into the test. That way, if there are problems submitting their responses, they can always just copy and paste again.
  13. I recommend you have the students try a short (10 questions or so) quiz before doing a major test. If you have them log in for the quiz, this will identify those who have username/password problems without having them hold up a test.
  14. You see two (or more) lines for the same student in the answer file with different answers (and scores). The student has clicked on the back button after seeing the answers and is attempting to improve their score. Accept only the first submission and talk to the student about academic dishonesty.

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