Counter FAQ

Q. What happens if the maximum number of digits selected for the counter is fewer than the actual number of digits needed to display the count?

A. The complete count is displayed using whatever number of digits are required.

Q. How can leading zeros be eliminated from the count?

A. Set the maximum number of digits in the count to 0.

Q. How can more sets of digits be added?

A. Only the Frontier server manager can add or remove sets of digits!

Digits sets must be GIF images.

They should be created with the names "zero.gif", "one.gif", "two.gif", "three.gif", "four.gif", "five.gif", "six.gif", "seven.gif", "eight.gif", "nine.gif".

They must all have the same height and width.

They should be placed in a folder or directory with a single word or phrase (no spaces) as its name (such as ODOMETER2).

This folder must be placed in a directory named CounterDigits which is found in the apps directory (This is the same directory where counter.root was placed) which is in the Guest Databases directory located where the Frontier application is located.

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