Counter Download

Manila Server managers can install the Counter plugin this way:

Download the Counter.root plugin from this page:

counter.root.sit (Stuffed for Mac Users) 20K

(Mac Users may need to set the Type of the file to "TABL" and the Creator to "LAND")


counter.root.hqx (Binhexed for PC Users) 76K

Place "counter.root" in the apps directory inside the Guest Databases directory which is in the directory where Frontier is located.

Open counter.root and run the counterSuite.install script.

Place the directory CounterDigits you download below in the same location.

Now you can download 500 sets of digits in either stuffit or zipped form:

500 Counter Digit Sets (stuffed) 4.9 Mb

500 Counter Digit Sets (zipped) 5.2 Mb

Then tell your Managing Editors to follow the instructions on Counter Plugin Use. Enjoy!

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