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The purpose of this website is to assist you in your understanding of   Shakespeare and one of his earlier plays The Comedy of Errors. We understand, through our own personal experiences, that Shakespeare and his use of language can be very difficult. Because of this, we have tried to provide helpful hints and  links that will assist you in your reading. Character biographies and scene summariesfor The Comedy of Errors are also provided. Even if you do not plan on actually reading the play, our website will give you a little taste of the play you will be viewing at Wilkes University



  • How much do you know about Shakespeare? Take our quiz and find out!


  • The Comedy of Errors is Chocolate,  NOT Broccoli.  Find out why!


  • Tips for reading and understanding Shakespeare from people who have been in your shoes!

In this website, we have provided links to other Shakespeare sites.  Some provide information about language, some about films, and others are just plain fun!  We have also created   scene by scene summaries and character descriptions to facilitate your understanding of Shakespeare's earliest play, The Comedy of ErrorsWe have done some research and found some more in depth information about Shakespeare's life and times.  And finally, we have created a section of this site so you can provide your thoughts and opinions.  We hope that, with the help of this website, you will understand and appreciate Shakespeare more, and realize that Shakespeare is indeed, chocolate and not broccoli.


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