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Getting Started

This web site will function as the electronic meeting space for participants engaging in the SAA 2002 Workshop led by Professors Phyllis Gorfain and Susan Mayberry: "Incorporating Our Writing and Research into the Undergraduate Classroom."  We can use this site to discuss the essays we have read, post them here if we like, and continue the conversation, post-conference.

How to begin?

  1. Please join this site. Look to the left of this screen to find, at the bottom of the three navigation bars, a hot link called 'join now' that will take you to a short form.
  2. Fill this out--it will only take you a few minutes--and be sure to sign up for bulletins at the bottom of the form. Choose either plain text or html messages, depending on what your mail system is comfortable receiving.
  3. Once you post the form, you have completed the first step in the process.
  4. Log in to the site and then you may want to post a message for the group: choose 'Create New Topic' from the nav bar to the right to get you to the discussion page. Postings are viewable only by members of the site.
  5. The next time you return to the site, click on the 'Recent Discussion' link in the nav bar to the left to get to the discussion board. There you can either post a new topic or respond to another's post.
  6. Finally, please bookmark this page. This is your website. Be sure you can find it again.

New story: The pairings

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