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Classroom Technology Revision

WebEx session on Classroom Technology is scheduled for ??? - please email if you would like to participate.

In order to be sure the Wilkes Master's in Classroom Technology is keeping pace with the demands on today's educators and to ensure that the objectives of the syllabi are met both in face-to-face classes and online, we are adding some additional required assignments and rubrics to each of the courses (ED 526, ED 528, ED 530 and ED 585). It is expected that these assignments will be added to the syllabi for the Spring 2010 session. Also, to make things a little easier for all involved, we will be utilizing WebCT to collect student projects. All faculty teaching these four technology courses will be required to have students submit the required assignments via the WebCT course management system.

As instructors in the Classroom Technology Program and Technology Leaders in the K-12 educational environment, we are inviting you to become a part of this process.

We REALLY need your input in this process. Can you suggest some assignments that you already do? Please click on the Recent Discussion Link on the left side of this page to add your contributions to this effort. You will need to click the login button on the left and use the information provided in the invitation email before you will be able to contribute to the discussion.

When we have incorporated everyone's input into the revision, the final versions of the syllabi will be posted here and on the Grad Ed Adjunct Faculty Group through the portal.

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