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Do you ever feel like Shakespeare writes in another language?

Are you having trouble with Romeo and Juliet?*

Do you feel like you can't relate to Shakespeare and his play?

Do you think reading Shakespeare is as much fun as eating broccoli?


If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we are here to help you!  We are a college class from Wilkes University who have constructed a website designed to help you get through Romeo and Juliet. We felt it was important to give you these pages outside of class so that you can use them at your own pace and in your own way.

Before you begin reading the play, print out the Character List and keep it with you when reading, to help you keep track of who's who.

You will find that we have broken the play into Key Scenes of importance and Trouble Scenes.  We have translated many of them into modern language so that they are easier for you to relate to.  We hope that this website will provide some insight into Romeo and Juliet so that reading Shakespeare is no longer like eating broccoli but more like eating chocolate!

Still confused? There are links on every page that you can use to comment on the page [click on comment2: ], join the discussion, or contact a student for help reading the play.

*All references to the text are from the following edition:  Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet. Ed. Dympna Callaghan. The Bedford Shakespeare Series. Boston: Bedford/St Martin's, 2003.

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