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Practice Routine: Update

Part I

Laurie Frink designed part one and three of my practice routine specifically for me. Jon Crowley has made adjustments to the routine.

  • Buzzing Lips, Mouthpiece (with piano recording on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), Horn - C (half note)-G-(half note)-C (Whole Note)
  • Bend Study - G two octaves (patterns A, B, C, D)
  • Part II


    Currently working on:

  • Handel - Trumpet Suite in D Major
  • Telemann - Concerto in D Major - Adagio
  • Part III

  • Bai Lin - #1, #2, #3, #4 - 88 first time and 176 second time
  • Noodle - quarter, eighth, and sixteenth
  • 6 Notes - C-G (repeat)
  • Octaves
  • Recovery - low F#'s (two)
  • Chord Pedals - in half notes G-E-C-G-E-C-G-E-(pedal) C in all 7 positions
  • Chromatic Scale - C to F# (above high C)
  • Harmonics - (quarter notes) to the 12th (F#)
  • This entire routine is practiced every night, with the exception of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week. On these nights, exercises are played until Bai Lin and in that order. This is Jon Crowley's idea from a lesson with him. This was done to free up time to practice more music.

    Breaks are inserted throughout the routine--20 minutes practice, followed by 10 minutes rest. A five minute break is inserted before going on to practice music, as suggested by Jon Crowley.


  • Upper Register - Arpeggios - (based on a jazz manual from BSU) F (F-A-C-F-C-A-F-C-A-F-C-A-F) hold the F at the end of each pattern; F-sharp continue with the same pattern on G and A-flat. On A play (A-C#-E-A); On B-flat play (B-flat, D, F, B-flat); On B play (B-D#-F#-B); On Double C (C-E-G-C-C)
  • Recovery - low F#'s (two)
  • Big Band Lead Trumpet Charts - Buddy Rich, Duke Ellington, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Charles Mingus, Stan Kenton
  • Maynard Ferguson's The "Medley"
  • Classical solos (see above in Part II for the listing)
  • Smart Music
  • Bebop heads-Charlie Parker
  • As suggested by Jon Crowley, a classical solo will be practiced on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after the routine. Lead trumpet will be practiced on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday after the routine. Either lead trumpet or a classical solo will be practiced on Sunday after the routine.

    Rehearsal/Performance Routine

    Laurie Frink designed this routine specifically for me to be played before a rehearsal or a performance.

  • 6 Notes
  • Clarke Technical Studies - Second Study - Circle of Fourths
  • Harmonics
  • Bending Pedals
  • Chromatic Scale

  • When I studied with Laurie Frink on a consistent basis for two years, this was my routine.

    Laurie Frink designed parts one and two of my practice routine specifically for me. John McNeil designed part four of my practice routine.

    PART I

    • Bai Lin Lip Flexibilities/Irons Twenty-Seven (27) Groups Of Exercises (switch on alternating days). Variants of these exercises are included.
    • Lip Buzzing to Mouthpiece to Horn Exercises
    • Carmine Caruso's Musical Calisthenics for Brass:

    • Bendy Study
    • 6 Notes (variants)
    • Intervals
    • Recovery (low F#)
    • Harmonics
    • Chord Pedals
    • Chromatic Scale
    • Developed Scale


      Laurie Frink & John McNeil's FLEXUS

    • Flexibility - Two: Flexando
    • Flexibility - Three: Advanced Flexibilities
    • Flexibility - Four: Interval Studies
    • Articulation - One: Slurring/Tonguing - (legato, staccato, combination)
    • Articulation - Three: (played two times; first time slurred, second time tongued)
    • Quick Register Changes - Five: Octave Displacement - work up to speed
    • Flexibility - One: Basic Flexibilities - revisit from time to time


    • High Notes - Intervals/Chords
    • Big Band Lead Charts - Benny Goodman, Buddy Rich, Duke Ellington, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Charles Mingus, Stan Kenton
    • Jim Snidero's Jazz Conceptions Etudes
    • Classical Concertos/Sonatas (on rotating basis)- Bohme: Concerto in F Minor (first movement), Kent Kennan: Sonata For Trumpet And Piano (first movement), J.G.B. Neruda: Concerto in E-flat (first movement), and Hummel: Concerto in E-flat (first movement)


    • Modes
    • Cycles
    • Intervals
    • Ear Training
    • Transcriptions
    • Memorizing Solos

    Other Books:

    • Clarke Technical Studies
    • John McNeil's The Art of Jazz Trumpet
    • Aebersold
    • Bugs Bower's Rhythms Complete
    • Charlier Etudes
    • Chase Sanborn's Jazz Tactics - reading material
    • Charlie Parker: Charlie Parker Omnibook - B-flat

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