Automated Foosball Table System

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Wilkes University: Robotics Lab; EE 398 E1

Team GOOOAAALLL!!!!!, the artist formerly known as Team Chocolate Milk.

Automated Foosball Table System

Our design involves modifying a Foosball table for possible commercial use. The finished product will be an automated machine that controls one team of Foosball players (four arms) to play against a human opponent.

Advanced Nabaa-tics: Our logo for team Chocolate Milk.

Special Thanks to:

Nora Skochinski

Michael Guba (AKA: Guba)

Jesse Villella (AKA: Scarface)

Ryan Weber

For helping us solder hundreds of wires and also maintain our sanity.

Extended Thanks to:

Robert Watts

Mitchell Adams

For helping us with anything we needed constructed from the Machine Shop.

Amy Mbye

For giving us constant access to the Robotics Lab.

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