Week in the Woods
These woods are beautiful, dark, and deep . . .


Week in the Woods

Join the madness . . .

Week in the Woods is a 7 day 6 night trip that occurs in the wilderness of the Harvey land in Tunkhannock, PA.



UPDATE: 8/25/09: Check out the Stats and Campers page for new info on different campers whose ranking has changed and new stats!!

UPDATE: 8/25/09: WITW 2009 was a success (albeit HORRIBLY mosquito-y and quite a bit underpopulated)!!! If you have any ideas or suggestions for next year, please send them to me!

UPDATE: 1/28/09: WITW 2009 is being planned. Please let us know (Rob and Matt) if you have any suggestions for dates or planning. Woot!

UPDATE: 6/13/08: WITW 2008 was a success! If you have pictures, stories or facts you'd like to see added to our website, please email them to Rob or Matt! Thank you for joining us, and always keep the next trip in mind!!!

UPDATE: 6/1/08: Both Accuweather.com and Weather.com have changed their forecast completely on a daily basis for the last week. Whatever it says, we're going. Well - I'm going, and you're welcome to bear the weather with me. It looks like it might be hot, though, so be ready!!

UPDATE: 5/27/08: Accuweather.com is showing nothing but sun for WITW in its 15 day outlook. Let's hope it stays this way!

UPDATE: 5/21/08: If you look at the list of people coming, you will see that the roster has now hit 10 people . . . that's double the size of the largest WITW.

UPDATE: 5/16/08: Farmer's Almanac is saying "Thunderstorms - then sunny - cool" for June 6-12. I'll take that. Perhaps this year we can have a three storm convergence again. Too bad Mike won't be around to hide in the tent . . . j/k Mikey.

UPDATE: 5/15/08: Although we've never had a serious injury or animal attack on WITW, it's still important to be aware of the dangers and what to do: Safety Tips

UPDATE: 5/10/08: Like to be prepared? Curious about what you need to bring? Check out Things to Bring

UPDATE: 5/10/08: WITW 2008 now has it's own page. Click here on WITW 2008 or choose the same from the control panel on the left at any time to view that page.

UPDATE: 5/9/08: See who's coming so far! Get your availability in so I can add you to the list: WITW: Attendence 2008

UPDATE: 5/8/08: It's true - WITW is returning this year. Ten years after the first voyage, Rob and Matt will return to the woods for a week. Ten years!!!!! Please email Rob or Matt for more information, or if you'd like to receive the official invitation.

Feel free to direct your friends to this website, or send their email address to get them added to the official mailing list.

For any information, questions, or to express interest in the next WITW, email Matt at dadocollin@yahoo.com or Rob at vose262626@yahoo.com.


Visit the WITW campers page to see who attended past WITW.

Visit the Rules page to find out what you can and can't do on WITW.

Visit the WITW stats page for interesting information.

The old that is strong does not whither . . . deep roots are not reached by the frost . . .

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