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Today is Saturday, 6/25/2022.
You may view some of our Photos in 2006 below.
BouncieFifi.JPG: Our Dog Bouncie and Cat Fifi. Photo taken on January 11, 2006 - Bouncie's 11th Birthday.
Roy and his friend Kevin were taking a lesson from the skii instructor on January 12, 2006.
At Roy's 7th Birthday party on January 16. From left to right: Ivan and his father MJ, Duncan, Sam, Roy and John.
Roy and his friends Kathy, Lina, Kobe and Irisa performed on January 29 New Year's party of Guanghua Sunday Chinese School.
YuanYouyuZhu.JPG: After 12 years, I saw my former colleague Teacher Yuan of Shanghai Sonjiang School for Medical Professionals and her husband Teacher Zhu at Guanghua Sunday Chinese School in Blue Bell, PA on February 5.
Phillips.JPG: Photo taken on April 23, with Richard's family who are now in Singapore. From left to right: Min, Roy, Youyu, Richard, Andrew and Jack.
Irisa, Roy and Richard after Sunday Chinese School at the fare on April 30.
Roy and his classmate Brandan played at the Chuckee Cheeses for a fund raising event of the Howard Gardner's School for Discovery on March 14, 2006.
RoyAndrewYouyu2006May9.JPG: Roy, Andrew and I were at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate my birthday on May 9. Andrew was entertaining us with his coin trick.
RoyEliTimmyMay12.JPG: Roy, Eli and Timmy on May 12 at Keystone College.
YouyuJoe.JPG: At the 2006 Keystone College Comencement (May 13), with my student Joe who took my Chemistry course at Wilkes University in 2001 and my Calculus course at Keystone College in 2005.
TalentShow2Roy.JPG: On May 16, Roy played piano - Bethoven's Ode to Joy at the Allied Services as part of the student event of Howard Gardner's School for Discovery.
Andrew and Roy at the eye doctor's office on May 17.
SundayChineseSchool.jpg: At Sunday Guanghua Chinese School on May 21. From left to right: Sarah, Vivian, Kobe, Teacher Ye, Richard Song, Jenny, Irisa, Richard Niu, Roy, Anthony and Angela.
TrevorRoyKevin.JPG: With Trevor and Kevin on May 22, leaving for Da Vinci Museum in Allentowm by bus - a student event of Howard Gardner's School for Discovery.
With Kemei NaiNai and Junyu YeYe on May 24, Roy has been practicing Chinese with Kemei NaiNai since 2002.
Waiting for a ferry between New York City and Staten Island on May 28. From left to right: Andrew, Richard, Roy and Emily.
Roy as a catcher in the Pony League Baseball game on May 31.
YouyuColoradoCampus.jpg: Between June 1 and 9, I was invited by the ETS for reading College Board 2006 Calculus AP EXAM at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.
RoyNintendoWorld2006.JPG: Roy at the Nintendo World store in New York City on June 12, 2006.
On June 12, Roy and I went to the Empire State Building in New York City.
June13SteamTown.JPG: Roy was at the Steamtown Historic Site in Scranton on June 13, 2006. Our house was in the backgroud half way of the Mountain.
FiFiBouncie.JPG: Our cat FiFi and our dog Bouncie on June 16, 2006.
On June 16, Roy dressed up as a mirror which was the charater he performed at the Fairy Tale Play of the Howard Gardner's School for Discovery in early June.
Richard and Roy were at Dorney Park in Pennsylvania on June 18.
WoodStockAirMail2.JPG: Roy and Richard at Dorney Park on June 18, 2006.
On June 19, 2006, I was invited to give Asian Presentation at Diversity Institute of College Misericordia. I was given this newsletter.
DuncanRoy.JPG: Duncan and Roy at Duncan's birthday Party on June 21, 2006.
TsinghuaUchemistry.JPG: In front of the Chemistry Department Building at Tsinghua University in Beijing on June 29. From left to right: Duck's friend, myself, Roy, Heaven, Prof. Yu (Chaiman), Duck, Heaven's mom Ms. Du, Wawa and her mom Prof. Zhu.
ypPresentationiJuly2.jpg: On July 2 in Shanghai, I presented my paper "Rapid Growth of China, Competition with India, and Effects on the Economy of the USA" at the International Symposium on Governing Rapid Growth in China: Efficiency, Equity and Institutions.
Jiajia and Roy at Changfeng Park in Shanghai on July 13.
Family.JPG: With my family on July 16 in Shanghai. From left to right: my brother You Yong, myself, my mom, my dad, my nephew Zhengyang, my son Roy, and my sister in law Chen Mei.
PACE.JPG: Between July 17 and 22, I attended PACE International Workshop and Summer Camp on Environment and Development, co-sponsored by the World Bank Research Group, in Qingdao, China. I presented my paper, Trade Between China, India, and the USA as Energy Demands and Demographic Characteristics Evolve, on July 18.
RoyNiuniuZiyi.JPG: Roy was playing with Niuniu and Ziyi on July 20 at No. 1 Beach in Qingdao.
RoyJinLi.jpg: Roy was practicing piano with his tutor in shanghai on July 28.
RoyJeff.JPG: Roy and Jeff who is also from Pennsylvania met in Beijing on August 1.
At Wawa's home in Beijing on August 1.
Roy and Andrew at the Parliment in Ottawa, Canada on August 12.
Roy and I at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, Canada on August 13.
Roy at the Italian Festival in Scranton, PA on September 3.
Roy on October 15, 2006.
Roy and his classmates DJ, Willy and Nolan won the "Out of Box" at the Junior Lego Competion in Flounder, New Jersey on December 9, 2006.
Brian Miller and Roy were playing "GO - Wei Qi" at the Sunday Chinese School on December 10, 2006.
Roy and his HGS classmates were giving a Christmas performance at the Allied Services on December 13, 2006.
RoyBreakinWoodenBoard.JPG: Roy was performing at the Chinese Martial Arts Academy and broke a wooden board on December 15.
CarolAllenAndrew.jpg: Carol, Allen and Andrew on Andrew's birthday (December 19) at our house in Scranton.
RoyJonathan.jpg: Roy and Jonathan on Jonathan's birthday (December 20) at Jonathan's home.
AndrewRoyMaia.jpg: Andrew, Roy and Roy's cousin Maia on Christmas Eve (December 24).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: youyu.phillips@kesytone.edu

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